Where we are on the grid...

There is a growing trend in the perception of what role design plays in solving problems. Somewhere along the lines, the definition of design, which meant as Bruce Mau puts it,"the human capacity to plan and produce desired outcomes", has become "the human ability to produce stuff". We aim to put the cart back on the rails.

Too often, companies react to problems within their industry by throwing a new product at it versus getting to the root cause of the issue. We like to call this "compulsory design". This can be solved by strategy, system analysis, and thoughtful design. Lucky for you, we offer all three.

Con Cor Design is a design solutions studio based in Portland, Oregon. We offer award winning solutions through behavioral analysis, aggressive conceptual ideation, and project management.

Our Mission
We solve design and system challenges and create dynamic solutions for companies and individuals. We want to see your brand excel by intelligent means and engaging design.

Let's begin creating together.